Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Morning Madness

A big shout out to McCabe again for being our weekly guinea pig :-)  Also, a big welcome to Jim Green, Matt,  J.C., and Olga for completing their 1st Friday Morning Workout!  We had 10 people this morning and 5 stations.  Each station consists of 1-2 exercises.  You repeat 10 repetitions of each exercise (except for the burpee broad jumps) for 10 minutes straight. 

Station 1:  15-20 burpee broad jumps (basically the longest path you can find) and walk back to your starting position.  Repeat for 10 minutes.

Station 2:  10 jumping pull-ups followed immediately by 10 renegade rows.  10 minutes straight.

Station 3:  10 step pop push-ups (hands on a step with 3 risers each.  pop to the floor, do a push-up, then pop back up) followed immediately by 10 supine squishy med ball throws (lay on your back with the 20lb dynamax ball.  toss it towards the ceiling 10 times).  10 minutes straight.

Station 4:  10 kettle bell swing curls followed immediately by 10 bodyweight dips. Once again, 10 minutes straight.

Station 5:  10 repetitions on the Fitter (dynamic core) followed immediately by 10 power sit ups.  10 minutes straight.

REST!!!!! YOU ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!

A quick word of advice...
Do not make the pop push-ups/supine squishy toss your last station.  OUCH!!!!! Sorry Heather and Jim.

Great Job everyone!

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  1. I have to ask- when is this group, it is open and if so how do you join?