Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Friday Morning Navy Challenge/Workout

Hi again!
On the treadmills upstairs at the main gym are a variety of fitness tests.  The test that we picked today as our warm-up was the Navy Fitness Test, which is basically a timed 1.5 mile run.  It starts with a 3 minute warm-up, then the main 1.5 mile run, and finally a 3 minute cool-down.  Be sure not to over-exert yourself during the warm-up.  Your time and mileage does start over at 3 minutes, sorry McCabe...  Our best time today was Adam with a 10 minutes and 5 seconds run.  Followed by Scott with a 12 minutes and 1 second run.  My time was 13 minutes and 17 seconds.  Megan finished in 15 minutes flat ;-).  Then we moved on to Matt's "Leg Smoke" workout, his P.I.P (push-up improvement plan), and "core routine".  Here you go:

Leg Smoke
repeat 2 times

60 seconds bodyweight squats or squat jumps
15 seconds sprint in place or tuck jumps
60 seconds left leg lunge
15 seconds high knees
60 seconds right leg lunge
15 seconds jumping jacks
60 seconds speed skaters
60 seconds side the side hops (feet together)
60 seconds standing calf raises

P.I.P-Push-up improvement plan
1 set only on this one (trust me, 1 set is enough)

60 seconds diamond push-ups
60 seconds standard push-ups
60 seconds wide stance push-ups
60 seconds forward small and fast arm circles (hold arms straight out to the side)
60 seconds reverse small and fast arm circles
60 seconds band fast tricep extensions

repeat 2 times

60 seconds pistons (Sit down and bring both legs to table top position.  Straighten one leg at a time, slowly.)
60 seconds alternating v-ups
60 seconds russian twists
60 seconds power sit ups

This workout takes a full hour.  Try to rest as little as possible.

Have fun!!!!

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