Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Morning Team Circuit

Today our group reached its highest attendance to date!  We started with 11 people and ended with 10.  Not a bad start to a Friday.  Congratulations on all of the first timers.  The workout consisted of 6 stations with 2 people at each station.  In a little under 1 hour we called it a day.  Thanks to everyone who showed up and gave their all!!!!!!!!

Station 1: 
5 minute treadmill sprint

Station 2: 
2 minutes single arm rope slams-10 each for 2 minutes straight
2 minutes sprint on the rower

Station 3:
2 minutes dynamax slam with a lateral hurdle jump (hold the ball while jumping over the hurdle)
2 minutes bench lateral jumps (focus on jumping high)

Station 4:
4 minutes kettlebell turkish get up (you can watch this on YouTube for form)
(2 minutes on each side)

Station 5:
4 minutes-10 each kettlebell alternating single arm swings, followed by 10 kettlebell clean to press.  Keep going for 4 minutes on this one.

Station 6:
5 minute treadmill sprint

We finished our workout with a weight plate push relay.  Place a 45lb weight plate on the floor.  Half of the group starts on one side of the room, while the other half stands about 25 yards away.  Squat down, put your hands of the weight plate and push it to the other end of the room.  Another person will then push the plate back to the starting position.  Repeat until everyone has gone twice :-).

Thanks again to all of the hardworking, non-complaining, dedicated team members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Friday Interval Weight Training

Today's workout is a variation of Interval Weight Training; a concept of Pat O'Shea.  Misti White taught me this format and I think it is a GREAT WORKOUT!!!!!!!

The first group consists of a dynamic and heavy lift.  It is followed immediately by 2 minutes of cardio (90% max heart rate).

The second group consists of a heavy lift followed by another 2 minutes of cardio (90% max again).

The third group is one set to failure.

Here is what we did:

Set 1

-10 heavy kettlebell snatches each arm

-followed immediately by:

-10 burpee tuck jumps, 10 dynamax slams (for 2 minutes)

-rest for 1-2 minutes
-repeat for a total of 3 sets

Set 2

-10 heavy barbell deadlifts

-followed immediately by:

-10 speed skaters, 10 broad jumps, 10 mountain climbers, bear walk back to starting place.  Repeat for 2 minutes.

-rest for 1-2 minutes
-repeat for a total of 3 sets

Set 3

-As many pull-ups as you can do.  You can have a spotter help you, but NO GRAVITRON.  1 set and then you are done :-).

The entire workout takes about 45 minutes.  If you have a hard time staying motivated, find workout partners that work harder than you do and set your pace to theirs.  Above all, HAVE FUN!!!!!!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Morning KettleBell Combo

This morning's workout is another creation from Scott Larkin.  Once again, McCabe tried it out for us yesterday and set the bar for the group.  It takes about 20 minutes and if you do not have access to kettlebells, you can use dumbells instead.  We also added 2 new exercises for the group today:  double arm kettlebell high pulls (a kb in each hand) and double arm kettlebell snatches (you can do single arm if your form becomes dangerous).

Pick a weight that you can use throughout the workout.  Keep in mind that it may feel a little light for some exercises and a little heavy for others.  The goal is to complete 4 rounds of 10 repetitions in under 20 minutes.  Our weights ranged from 15lb kettlebells to 30lb kettlebells.  Have Fun!!!!!!

1) Kettlebell swing curls (bicep curl)
2) Kettlebell double arm high pull
3) Kettlebell double arm snatches
4) Kettlebell split jumps (plyometric lunges)
5) Kettlebell bent over rows
6) Kettlebell renegade rows (push-up to row)
7) Mountain climbers

Since today's workout took under 20 minutes, we finished off with max effort rowing.  We set the rower on level 10 for 1 minute.  The goal was to get the highest average watts in 1 minute.  Adam knocked us all out of the water with an average of 367 watts.  However, he was followed very closely by Diane who got an easy 260 average watts!  Way to go team.  Adam also inspired me to practice a new jumprope skill, double under jump starting with the right leg and landing on the left leg.  After about 10 minutes and several jumprope marks across the back of my arms, I think i had 2 successfull jumps.  My goal is to have it down by Thursday.  I will keep you posted ;-).