Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Morning KettleBell Combo

This morning's workout is another creation from Scott Larkin.  Once again, McCabe tried it out for us yesterday and set the bar for the group.  It takes about 20 minutes and if you do not have access to kettlebells, you can use dumbells instead.  We also added 2 new exercises for the group today:  double arm kettlebell high pulls (a kb in each hand) and double arm kettlebell snatches (you can do single arm if your form becomes dangerous).

Pick a weight that you can use throughout the workout.  Keep in mind that it may feel a little light for some exercises and a little heavy for others.  The goal is to complete 4 rounds of 10 repetitions in under 20 minutes.  Our weights ranged from 15lb kettlebells to 30lb kettlebells.  Have Fun!!!!!!

1) Kettlebell swing curls (bicep curl)
2) Kettlebell double arm high pull
3) Kettlebell double arm snatches
4) Kettlebell split jumps (plyometric lunges)
5) Kettlebell bent over rows
6) Kettlebell renegade rows (push-up to row)
7) Mountain climbers

Since today's workout took under 20 minutes, we finished off with max effort rowing.  We set the rower on level 10 for 1 minute.  The goal was to get the highest average watts in 1 minute.  Adam knocked us all out of the water with an average of 367 watts.  However, he was followed very closely by Diane who got an easy 260 average watts!  Way to go team.  Adam also inspired me to practice a new jumprope skill, double under jump starting with the right leg and landing on the left leg.  After about 10 minutes and several jumprope marks across the back of my arms, I think i had 2 successfull jumps.  My goal is to have it down by Thursday.  I will keep you posted ;-).


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