Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Morning Team Circuit

Today our group reached its highest attendance to date!  We started with 11 people and ended with 10.  Not a bad start to a Friday.  Congratulations on all of the first timers.  The workout consisted of 6 stations with 2 people at each station.  In a little under 1 hour we called it a day.  Thanks to everyone who showed up and gave their all!!!!!!!!

Station 1: 
5 minute treadmill sprint

Station 2: 
2 minutes single arm rope slams-10 each for 2 minutes straight
2 minutes sprint on the rower

Station 3:
2 minutes dynamax slam with a lateral hurdle jump (hold the ball while jumping over the hurdle)
2 minutes bench lateral jumps (focus on jumping high)

Station 4:
4 minutes kettlebell turkish get up (you can watch this on YouTube for form)
(2 minutes on each side)

Station 5:
4 minutes-10 each kettlebell alternating single arm swings, followed by 10 kettlebell clean to press.  Keep going for 4 minutes on this one.

Station 6:
5 minute treadmill sprint

We finished our workout with a weight plate push relay.  Place a 45lb weight plate on the floor.  Half of the group starts on one side of the room, while the other half stands about 25 yards away.  Squat down, put your hands of the weight plate and push it to the other end of the room.  Another person will then push the plate back to the starting position.  Repeat until everyone has gone twice :-).

Thanks again to all of the hardworking, non-complaining, dedicated team members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday,


  1. I need to get you a measuring tape.... that 15 feet plate push was more like 25 yards:)
    P.S. here is the link to the Turkish Get UP (TGU)