Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Friday Interval Weight Training

Today's workout is a variation of Interval Weight Training; a concept of Pat O'Shea.  Misti White taught me this format and I think it is a GREAT WORKOUT!!!!!!!

The first group consists of a dynamic and heavy lift.  It is followed immediately by 2 minutes of cardio (90% max heart rate).

The second group consists of a heavy lift followed by another 2 minutes of cardio (90% max again).

The third group is one set to failure.

Here is what we did:

Set 1

-10 heavy kettlebell snatches each arm

-followed immediately by:

-10 burpee tuck jumps, 10 dynamax slams (for 2 minutes)

-rest for 1-2 minutes
-repeat for a total of 3 sets

Set 2

-10 heavy barbell deadlifts

-followed immediately by:

-10 speed skaters, 10 broad jumps, 10 mountain climbers, bear walk back to starting place.  Repeat for 2 minutes.

-rest for 1-2 minutes
-repeat for a total of 3 sets

Set 3

-As many pull-ups as you can do.  You can have a spotter help you, but NO GRAVITRON.  1 set and then you are done :-).

The entire workout takes about 45 minutes.  If you have a hard time staying motivated, find workout partners that work harder than you do and set your pace to theirs.  Above all, HAVE FUN!!!!!!


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