Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Morning-The Naomi Early Riser

The group started about 30 minutes earlier this morning.  For some reason, I jump right out of bed when my alarm starts ringing at 4:45am.  I think it is the anticipation of the workout.  Of course, it helps that it is Friday :-).  I tried something new and ate just a banana before the workout.  By 6:30am I was STARVING!!!!  I definately need to stick to something more substantial from now on. 

We had 6 people in the group this morning:  Naomi and Laura, Robin and Talie, and Meghan and Kristen.  The workout began with 3, 1 minute stations of partner exercises. 

1 minute max effort row (watch average watts)
1 minute partner band teeter totters
-have a long band (a.k.a. slastic) with a handle on each end.  One person grabs one end, while their partner grabs the other.  While one person (with straight arms) brings their arms overhead, the partner is squating and bringing the band to the floor.  It looks like a grown-up teeter totter :-)
1 minute partner plank arm pulls
-both partners are in a push-ups (plank) position facing each other.  Grab your partners right hand.  With your hips staying level, begin to pull your partners arm to you while they offer slight resistance.  Take turns pulling for 30 seconds and then switch arms.

repeat 2-5 times

Now our "real" workout begins:

Set the clock for 15 minutes

6 double arms kettle bell swings
6 double arm kettle bell cleans
6 double arm kettle bell front squat
6 kettle bell plank rows (3 each side)
jump rope 100 x

continute to repeat this circuit for the duration of the 15 mintues.   You should be able to complete 4-6 rounds :-)

Have Fun!

oh yeah, and if you have any energy left.....Go for a 1.5 slow recovery jog :-)

Lots of love and kettle bells!


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